1. Which of the following is capable of dynamically mapping NetBIOS names to IP Addresses?

A. WINS server
B. DNS server
C. LMHOST file
D. HOST file

2. A customer who calls for support with a monitor problem canít wait for a service technician. He describes the problem as having no monitor signal, no screen saver and hibernation is not configured. He says he believes that the problem is the video card. There are three identical functioning systems in his office. Which of the following components would you ask the customer to substitute to try and pinpoint the problem?

A. All flat ribbon cables
B. The video driver chip
C. The motherboard
D. The monitor

3. Laptop video displays can also be referred to as:


4. Which of the following electrical components will hold a charge even after the power is removed?

A. A fuse
B. A capacitor
C. A transistor
D. A diode

5. What types of profiles can be used on a Windows 2000 professional client? (Choose all that apply)

A. Mandatory
B. Local
C. Static
D. Domain
E. Roaming
F. Workgroup

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