1. What function does the buffer serve in a printer?

A. It cleans excess toner from the drum
B. It polishes the fuser wheels
C. It stores print jobs until they can be printed
D. It cleans print heads

2. Which of the following technologies is used for today’s laptop batteries?

A. Nickel-metal hydride NiMH
B. Nickel-cadmium NiCd
C. Alkaline
D. Lithium-ion Li-lon

3. Which of the following types of backups backs up all selected files and marks them as having been backed up only if they have changed since the last backup?

A. Full
B. Differential
C. Incremental
D. Copy

4. Which of the following would a failed processor fan most likely cause? (Choose all that apply)

A. CD-ROM drive failure
B. CPU damage
C. Floppy drive failure
D. System lockups
E. Hard drive failure

5. Which statement describes the use of WEP with Open System authentication?

A. The client can communicate with the access point using any key size from 40- to 128-bit
B. The WEP key is broadcast to all clients on the wireless segment
C. The access point and client use the WEP key to encrypt the data only
D. The WEP key and the data key are sent in clear text

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