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CBT Campus' ITPro Referenceware from Books24x7®, provides the ultimate productivity, learning and reference solution for IT professionals. ITPro delivers the full contents of thousands of books, reports, documents and more in a fully searchable, Web-based environment. This professional information tool is packed with recent, relevant, best-in-class technical reference material from trusted publishers such as Wrox, MIT Press, McGraw-Hill Osborne, Wiley and many others. This comprehensive resource spans the spectrum of technology topics. Hundreds of thousands of IT professionals already rely on ITPro for instant self-directed learning, reference, and assistance.

With ITPro, users can search, browse and view every word, graphic, code example and table from thousands of technology titles covering more than 100 topics, including:

  • Certification & Compliance
  • Operating Systems
  • Databases
  • Programming Languages
  • Desktop & Office Applications
  • Security
  • Enterprise Computing
  • Software Engineering
  • Graphic Design & Multimedia
  • Telecommunications
  • Hardware
  • Web Programming & Development
  • Networks & Protocols

Sample of CompTIA Aplus (A+) training titles included:

A+ Certification Bible A+ Guide To Managing and Maintaining Your PC ; Sixth Edition; Comprehensive
A+ Certification Core Module Test Prep Kit A+ Guide to Software: Managing; Maintaining and Troubleshooting; Fourth Edition
A+ Certification DOS/Windows Test Prep Kit A+ JumpStart: PC Hardware and Operating Systems Basics
A+ Certification for Dummies; 3rd Edition CompTIA A+ 2006 In Depth
A+ Certification for Dummies; Second Edition CompTIA A+ 2006 Q&A
A+ Certification Readiness Review (CompTIA Exams 220-221 and 220-222) CompTIA A+ Certification All-in-One Desk Reference for Dummies
A+ Certification Training Kit; Third Edition CompTIA A+ Certification Electives Support Skills: Labs and References; Volume 2 (602; 603; and 604 Exams)
A+ Complete Exam Notes CompTIA A+ Certification Electives Support Skills: Study Notes; Volume 1 (602; 603; and 604Exams)
A+ Complete Lab Manual; Second Edition CompTIA A+ Certification Essentials Support Skills: Labs and References; Volume 2 (Exam 220-601)
A+ Complete Lab Manual; Third Edition CompTIA A+ Certification Essentials Support Skills: Study Notes; Volume 1 (Exam 220-601)
A+ Complete Study Guide; Second Edition CompTIA A+ Certification Workbook For Dummies
A+ Complete Study Guide; Third Edition (Exams 220-301 and 220-302) CompTIA A+ Complete Fast Pass
A+ Exam Cram; Second Edition CompTIA A+ Complete Study Guide (Exams 220-601; 220-602; 220-603; 220-604)
A+ Fast Pass
A+ Guide To Hardware: Managing; Maintaining and Troubleshooting; Fourth Edition

Using the ITPro™ collection from Books24x7, you'll find quick and accurate answers to all your technical questions for the CompTIA Aplus (A+) certification exam!

ReferencePoint Suites

Exclusive to ITPro, ReferencePoints are high-impact articles on key aspects of current technology topics. Inspired by users, ReferencePoints address topics that are either too new or lack critical mass for commercial publishers to address, but are important for early technology adapters.

CD Content

Recognizing that the content on companion CDs often provides essential value to the book, Books24x7 has contextually integrated the CD content within select titles. It is accessible via links in the table of contents and within relevant areas of the text.

A must-have resource for just in time learning, IT professionals can instantly increase their knowledge, understanding and skills for immediate results:

  • Brush up on publishing with Red Hat Linux
  • Find out how to make COM and .NET interoperate
  • Broaden your understanding of database architecture for warehousing
  • Create multi-user Microsoft Access applications
  • Learn UML syntax
  • Become skilled at debugging XSLT transformations
  • Become an experienced Sun Java programmer
  • Prepare for the Certified Information Systems Security Professional exam
  • Gain insights to knowledge management and knowledge engineering
  • Learn to balance tight security with an efficient workplace
  • And many more!
TIMELY, COMPREHENSIVE CONTENT Hundreds of titles are included in CBT Campus' ITPro from Books24x7 - and these titles are added to on a monthly basis! Plus, the new book alert feature included in ITPro ensures that you know when new information has been added. This allows us to consistently provide content that is timely, comprehensive, up-to-date and informative.

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